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My thoughts on photobooks from my personal collection



B to B, by Brenda Moreno


Published by Witty Kiwi, softcover, 88 pages 17 x 21.5 cm, text by Carmen Dalmau. Edition of 900 copies.


B to B is a photo book by Mexican photographer Brenda Moreno. I came across this book in Dublin and really admired the image sequencing in the book.

The cover is a striking red and has a hole cut in the right hand side allowing us to see the title printed in white underneath. The cover which is made from card is able to fold out, giving us a thick layered cover. This cover gives us a slight insight of what to expect inside the book as there are many images that have been made up of layers. 

The book starts with a number of passport photos of the artist herself, each photo Moreno’s appearance changes. Throughout the book Moreno includes mental images, unusual and creative collages featuring dogs, silhouette and people  and some family photos featuring relatives. 

Moreno had horses in her life growing up and so it is no surprise that there are a lot of horses in the book. 

One striking image that sits out in particular is the image of a horse surrounded by blood. The colour red seems to drift throughout the book, from the cover to the blood, cuts on horses and backgrounds of collages. Not only this but another element that seems to flow from page to page is the shape of lines. Lead ropes, collage stitching, buildings, water in the pool and even the stance of the horses legs all create straight lines that seems to flow from page to page. 

Many of the images are sequenced over two pages, such as the two images below (one of a horse rearing and one of a man holding the lead rope) this type of sequencing really helps the book flow and creates a creative space between images.  


Some of the images make the viewer feel uneasy but at the same time we can grasp a sense of memory and feeling. Although the book has no clear storyline it does however grasp your attention and makes us think about the images. 

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